Corporate FD

Corporate Fixed Deposits: Higher Interest Returns

Corporate Fixed Deposit (corporate FD) is a term deposit that is possessed over a fixed period at fixed rates of interest. Corporate Fixed Deposits are offered by Financial and Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs). The maturities of various company fixed deposits can range from a few months to a few years.

Select from multiple companies’ fixed deposits options varying in interest rates, tenures, and institutions to suit your investment needs. Avail potent returns and benefit from much-reduced volatility through a wide range of AAA and AA-rated Corporate Fixed Deposits.


Higher Returns

Enjoy superior payoffs from our Corporate FDs as compared to Bank FDs.

Lower Risks

Avail the benefits of reduced risks with our Corporate FDs which are backed by reputed rating and upscaling agencies

Better Liquidity

Enjoy enhanced liquidity with our Corporate FDs with a lower lock-in period than Bank FDs

Credit Rating

Go for higher-rated corporate FDs based on its credit rating which specifies the underlying risks of the companies.

Periodic Interest Payment

Select our Corporate FDs as per your preference from a range of tenures such as monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or annually.

Company’s Background

Assess a company’s business viability by referring to its Management Discussion and Analysis (MD & A) and Financial Statements

No Market Fluctuations

Our FD rates are pre-determined and free from any market fluctuations. You can be assured of guaranteed returns along with the highest FD rates with our company’s fixed deposits.

Repayments History

Company’s repayment history aids to determine the company’s credit score, stability, and credibility.


Corporate fixed deposits are better than bank fixed deposits as they aid interest rates, which are significantly higher than bank fixed deposit interest rates. Bank FD rates are determined by an array of factors which might change per the interest rate movement decided by the Central Bank – the Reserve Bank of India via the Repo rate – the rate which it lends to the banks. However, you can be assured of high-interest rates with our corporate fixed deposits.


  • Corporate FDs offer benefits such as revision of interest rate based on your return. Avner offers an additional 0.25% interest rate upon renewal. You can also avail the special tenure scheme of months leveraging greater interest rates than any other bank FDs.
  • Senior citizens can avail of a bonus benefit of 0.25%. We aid the advantage of an easy online application process from home just to bless their comfort.
  • Avner’s Corporate FDs offer interest rates at the highest tenure level. We offer simple and easy ways to calculate your returns and your fixed deposit portfolio returns by using the online FD calculator. You can adjust the tenure and the principal amount as you please. You can see the maturity amount you will receive as well. It’s an ingenious and useful tool for your portfolio planning

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