Mutual Funds

With stable returns, we give wings to the goals you have set for yourself

Our Mutual Funds service refers to a pool of money accumulated by several investors who aim at saving and making money through their investment. The corpus of their money is invested in various asset classes, viz. debt funds, liquid assets, and the like. Our vision lies in responsibly managing money and risks to help people feel financially secure and confident of a happier and prosperous future.

Our Mutual Funds are registered with SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India) that regulates security markets prior to the collection of the funds from the investors. Investing in Mutual Funds at Avner can be as simple as buying or selling stocks or bonds online.


Open-Ended Funds

Our open-ended fund investment deal with purchases or redemptions that are done at persisting Net Asset Value (NAV) yearly, offering liquidity to the investors.

Money Market Funds

Our Money Market funds are invested in liquid instruments, such as CPs, T-Bills, etc. Immediate yet moderate return on your investments with an option for abundant funds’ investments.

Close-Ended Funds

Our close-ended funds’ investment instruments deal with initially purchased units with redemption on specific date. These schemes are listed on the stock exchange to sustain liquidity.

Hybrid or Balanced Funds

Our Balanced funds are invested in different asset classes. There are times when the proportion of debt is lower than equity and it could be another way around as well.

Debt Funds

Our debt funds are invested in the debt like government bonds, company debentures, and fixed income assets with fixed returns and safe investment instrument.

Sector Funds

Our Sector funds are made for particular sectors or divisions of the market. Returns on an investment are directly proportional to the performance of that particular sector.

Equity Funds

Our equity funds are invested in equity stock or shares of the organizations. They provide higher results and that’s the reason they are considered high-risk funds.

Index Funds

Our Index funds are investment instruments that represent a specific index on the exchange in order to monitor the returns and the movement of the index purchasing shares from the BSE Sensex.


Our business tactics will be built on three pillars

Outside-in View, Investor at the heart of every small decision, Communicate in their language, not in ours

Enduring Wealth Creation

Play a significant and credible role in the investor’s money basket, Encourage investors to build a long-term outlook of the mutual fund category

Term Life Insurance

Leverage the equity of the Avner, Aim at building relationships rather than being transactional

Catering Customer Needs

Over the years, we have been catering to endless customer requirements seamlessly and on time by delivering a potent variety of policy plans and add on covers for their portfolios. We have, time and again proved our service which reflects on the smiles of our customers.

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